February 11, 2012

Child Suicide Bombers - Saved By Allah?


  A(nother) story has emerged on the methods that are used to con little children into becoming suicide bombers and no surprise, it's religious. Another big surprise: the children are unaware that they're about to commit suicide. According to the article, the children are told that the bombs will only kill Americans and that Allah will come and separate them from the explosion, safely returning them to the men who strapped the bombs onto their chest. In case you're unaware, Allah is the god of Islam.

                              (Above is the symbol for Islam).

    This is shockingly similar to the use of children soldiers in Africa who are brainwashed under various guises ranging from "the government killed your parents" to "the gun gives you power". In this instance, the children are used just the same except that they're being sacrificed in the act. It's truly a sick act on any and every level possible, something I can imagine everyone looks upon with a feeling of sadness & anger (towards their programmers).

    Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, whatever you are, I'm sure you'll find the utilization of religion/religious beliefs to support terrorism alarming, though it's definitely not a first. Looking into it I see a message that religion is a tool, especially when taught at such a young age. These children can't tell the lies from the truth, & this is, quite literally, a matter of life and death. What can we do to change this? Perhaps religious indoctrination before the age of consent isn't the best idea, though this is most certainly an extreme case, nonetheless built off of religion. Plus one for a secular society/utopia. 

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