February 12, 2012

Gay Rights: The Simplest Problem Of Our Era

   Let me say that I resent speaking about gay rights at any moment in time unless in the presence of those who oppose them, because it seems to me that this is the most basic problem of our era. We have what we can perceive to be much more complicated problems such as whether or not to intervene overseas (see Syria & Libya for example), how to handle our economy, etc. but gay rights hold no such complications. It amazes me the level of hypocrisy that we, as the United States of America can stoop to. Does the pledge not end "with liberty & justice for all"? I was unaware that we were supposed to tack "except gays" onto the end of that. A common saying is that if you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married! I'm not saying people have to agree with or even understand gay marriage (though one might not see what's to be misunderstood). I'm saying why actively fight against people who are doing nothing to harm you nor society? They're merely asking for the equality that America so fervently claims to provide.

February 11, 2012

Child Suicide Bombers - Saved By Allah?


  A(nother) story has emerged on the methods that are used to con little children into becoming suicide bombers and no surprise, it's religious. Another big surprise: the children are unaware that they're about to commit suicide. According to the article, the children are told that the bombs will only kill Americans and that Allah will come and separate them from the explosion, safely returning them to the men who strapped the bombs onto their chest. In case you're unaware, Allah is the god of Islam.

                              (Above is the symbol for Islam).