December 27, 2011

TSA & The Terrorist Cupcakes !

      I'd like to start this post off with an apology for my slanderous claims about the TSA in my first ever blog post. I was totally wrong about them, & they've proved themselves to be quite an agency for the American people. Time and time again the TSA have showed us their fairness and equality when it comes to procedures.. not to mention freedom of choice !

A wonderful TSA agent providing the freedom of choice (between the selected two choices). What more can you ask?

When it comes to fairness and equality, the TSA go to lengths no one could have fathomed for the safety of the American people. Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty are no exception! (Obama is though). Along with pilots, crew members, & your favorite politicians. See that here & here.

       Some of us need to learn the characteristic of gratefulness. The TSA has done the American people a great justice which I'm not sure can ever be repaid. Now look, I won't be one to act as if the TSA hasn't had a few minor offenses in their recent history. A loaded gun passing here, a bag of weed slipping through there.. but they've definitely compensated for their slack by ensuring nothing else gets past. Including cupcakes. Yes, the TSA will inspect your cupcakes. They are serious & protecting the American people from all forms of terrorism, even in cupcake form. Before I continue I want to establish a case for cupcake terrorism. I think everyone should realize that this is a very real threat & could potentially cause another 9/11. Please review a few terrorist cupcake mugshots I was able to find online .

    After serious review, we can see the potential danger that cupcakes pose to the American people. We can assume the 1st photo is depicting a murderer. The 2nd seems to bring new meaning to the thought of a zombie apocalypse, what an eery & disturbing creation. The 3rd picture is the worst of all. This seems to be our future if we don't focus more on the very real potential of cupcakes to overturn our country, or any country for that manner. It seems as though this cupcake is actually in NYC, recreating 9/11 as I earlier suggested. The tanks suggest martial law but this is no match for the criminal cupcake, who probably has numerous demonic danishes and perilous pastries at his disposal, conspiring against the American people.

    This is where the TSA steps in, heroic cape flowing and all. One crazed woman attempted to go through the airport with a cupcake. To their credit, the TSA did exactly what the mentally deranged would laugh at was necessary to ensure the safety of those on the plane.What would we do without the TSA ? In case you were wondering what happens to the items that the TSA confiscates (that they don't eat), they're sold. I'm not talking about just one guy selling your stuff illicitly, I'm talking about a wide scale sale by the government, via the TSA. Conflict of interest for politicians who would have considered banning the TSA? Oh of course not, you silly conspirator !

     Overall, I think we need to show more compassion and care for the TSA. They're obviously a legitimate and wonderful agency working for the best interests of the American people. Let us all embrace the TSA in good spirit, and spread the joy around. Let your friends & family know, and don't forget to teach the kids !

                     They're here for us.. let's be there for them . :)

 Let's not forgot to teach our children about the joy(s) of the TSA and all that it does!

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