December 6, 2011

School Changes Lunch For The Better - Organic AND Local !

           Let me start off by saying that the mess that is slopped down and presented to children in school as "food" is unacceptable. I have seen some of these cafeterias and the foods they serve for myself, as well as the students choices based on what's available. It's a disgrace the way that they're fed. It's no wonder we're infamously the fat & lazy Americans. We see a lot more of this:

And a lot less of this:

            Truth be told, I had trouble even finding something that could pass as a 'healthy' lunch on Google. While the first picture may be a stretch... not by much. I encourage anyone with children to see the choices their children are given at school.

With that being said, being pessimistic about this brings no change - we need to move things in the other direction. The 'other' direction being away from unhealthy and unnatural foods such as pizza, cheese bread and chicken wings being served to our children daily instead of whole foods that we know to fuel and fulfill the body & it's nutritional needs.

             If we go to this article, we'll see what one remarkable school in Denver, Colorado has done. They have utilized a dormant area near their school for agricultural purposes, namely organic produce! This is great because it serves as a reconnection of what, in my opinion, is the lost link between humans today and mother nature. We are so disconnected from our food and how it's made that anything beyond scanning a bar code in Wal-Mart or Publix is almost inconceivable for us. The kids at this school are privileged to see things the way they should be, and though I don't believe that is a privilege, based on the industrialization of food today it is good to see a change. Some notable changes are that "kids are eating healthier" and that they're "excited" to eat their fruits and vegetables. According to the article, over 3,000 pounds have been harvested. Hopefully other schools in the area will be positively influenced to make a change also.

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