December 20, 2011

British Town Grows It's Own Fruits and Vegetables

    Strikingly similar to my last post on a school that grew their own organic food, the title tells you what it's all about. Before I continue, let me just say for a moment why in my opinion it is important to stay healthy and to buy locally/grow your own food and so on.

     I personally feel as though politics relates to all areas of life, because it deals with people and all of those involved. It deals with religion because we have the two separate institutions of church & state. It deals with science because we have (often state-endorsed) vaccines which we know to be harmful. When it comes to food, we realize that due to either extreme stupidity and neglect or conspiracy against the people, we are, especially Americans, being fed complete crap. No thanks to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) who has done more harm than help in the direction of ensuring the safety of our food. We have to be our own personal FDA.
The "standard American diet" is synonymous with 'eat what tastes good' as opposed to younger civilizations who were intelligent enough to eat foods that we know today are nutritious for you. With that being said, our government profits off of our stupidity and horrible eating habits & they even subsidize certain foods while leaving healthy & organic farmers all on their own. Regardless, eating healthily is a win-win-win-win-win-win-win situation because it's better for the environment, your personal health, your wallet and provides a much needed reconnection between people and mother nature which I feel is often lost within the nice, comfy suburbs we are so accustomed to. I will go into these reasons more in a future blog post explaining more on why I hold these beliefs and do what I do (food wise).
Mother nature - she had the balance of things going quite fine before we humans came along.

       So now, to the UK ! This town started a project entitled Incredible Edible, & they have transformed many areas into garden areas full of fresh, organic food for the community. According to the article they have utilized 70 large plant beds and have herbs, vegetables & fruits growing for all to access ! Some may have hinted that the open access to all these pants would lead to abuse or vandalism, but according to this article the crime rate has decreased incrementally since the genesis of this project. The exact correlation between this project and crime? Beyond me, but it's always better to hear the crime rates decrease ! So at the conclusion of this short post, I just wanted to say that I love the initiatives that individual organizations are making towards healthier food, even if it's only one school or one town at a time. That gives us a speckle of hope, no matter how small. I'm taking this idea to my city with the hopes that we can emulate their idea in our environment. Hopefully you can do the same.

Link to the article: Self Sustainable Fruits & Veggoes In UK !


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