October 15, 2011

Troy Davis: Georgia's Biggest Mistake


         Troy Davis, Troy Davis, Troy Davis. Ahh what a name, what a meaning, what a symbol this man has become. Those of you who have read my blog before know how I feel about the death penalty, for numerous reasons varying from its moral oxymora, arbitrary distribution & failure to deter crime. This case is different from the usual though, because many pro-death penalty individuals fought for the release of Troy Davis. Though this may sound contradictory, the reason I have yet to post about Georgia's legal lynching of Troy Davis is because I've been so engulfed within it.

      Regardless, I don't plan to turn this into a battlefield of my opinion vs yours, or cop killer vs nice guy. I just think we should all take a moment and reflect on this case... contemplate not only Troy Davis' execution but the death penalty, because it's shown it's complete contempt for human life and the voices of 'the people' who supposedly keep this justice system in balance. When thousands rise up only to be stonewalled and ignored by 'the system' that should show us the power that is held in the hands of the judicial system.

                                                              (Protesters in Georgia)