August 14, 2011

Threats vs Action - Bias of Our 'Justice System'

         Our "justice system" today is so screwed up that it puzzles me anyone confides in it. We have reached the stage where you get in more trouble for threatening to do something than actually doing it... in this case, murder.

  Now I hope you know as well as I do the power that your local Nazi's (or enforcement officers, as people like to call them) hold. Police brutality is prevalent in any community whether you realize it or not. Nowadays even trying to cooperate and being respectful could cost you your life; so it's best to hope the Nazi that you are dealing with had a good day. Now, it has been taken a step further.

         Here's the official story in case you haven't heard it already. On January 1st, 2009, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Police were called to assess a fight on a subway. When the train came to a stop, the police detained certain people. Whether they gained descriptions of who was fighting or if they just picked who they pleased is yet to be revealed to me. Oscar Grant, among the detainees, was reportedly resisting at which point police placed him face down onto the floor. Two police were specifically 'on' him. One with his knee on Oscar's neck/head and the other near his back. Here's where it gets crazy: one officer, Johannes Mehserle, found the need to take out his gun and shoot Oscar in the back. Let's see it on video.

   Just a note: If you're at work or in a public place, this video does have yelling and plenty of expletives.

     Now this can become a drawn out post about the background of Oscar or his shooter, but whether Oscar was a Satanic cult leader or Johannes Mehserle was a fundamentalist 'witch' burner is irrelevant to the situation. I say this because after viewing numerous videos of the shooting, I see people bringing up histories of both the police officer (Mehserle) and Grant. The problem with this from my perspective is degrading human life. Who are you to dictate how someone should die, period ? With that out of the way, anyone who would like to step up to the defense of Johannes is welcome to do so.

    As you see after the shooting, Johannes looks up as if surprised or shocked, and so some people allege that this entire thing was an accident and that he meant to pull out his taser. The problem with this to me is that there was no need for a taser either. An officer had his knee onto Grant's neck and the young man was face down onto the floor. Even giving this man the benefit of the doubt, isn't that the type of thing you double check? HELLO ? Allow this website to clear up any doubt that you have concerning whether or not Johannes confused his taser with his gun. Here's another, just in case the first just isn't doing it for you. If you find both of those too inconclusive for your taste, try this one on for size. So as far as the "whoopsie, wrong weapon" excuse goes, that's invalid to me.

    There are even more upsetting claims by the BART police including "Had Grant cooperated, he would be alive", "If they would have followed orders, this wouldn't have happened", etc. They all fail to explain the actions of BART officer John Mehserle. He that night also resigned and, in court, refused to explain his reasoning... and we have yet to reach the best part of my post.

  Jeffrey Weaver posted a threatening comment  of under a story about the Oscar Grant incident, and you better believe "big brother" was watching. You can read exactly what happened here. Now let it be understood that I am in no way trying to minimize Jeffrey's threat(s) or his wrongful actions. My point is only that he threatened to kill, whereas the ultimate problem is the loss of life. Morally speaking, is a threat to kill worse than killing ? Come on people, this is common sense.

        Sit back and really question this so called 'justice system'. Think for yourself and don't buy the propaganda from either side. Johannes Mehserle served 11 months for the murder of Oscar Grant, while Jeffrey Weaver is being charged with 3 years for a threat. The message I receive from that is that threats are worse than taking action. Take this post however you want - an emphasis on police brutality, the stupidity of our 'justice system', or just straight up truth. Whatever it is, just do something. Share it with a friend and stay up. If something similar has happened near you and you know about it, that's a call for activism ! Here's the people's answer to the blatant murder of Oscar Grant.


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