June 27, 2011

Why The Death Penalty Is A Failure - Morally, Financially and Most Importantly In Deterring Crime

    Today I was contemplating the death penalty and whether it's right or wrong, morally speaking. Of course, it's always easy to simply dismiss subjects regarding taking the lives of others, but I wanted to think about it on a much larger scale than that, and honestly, the question wasn't an easy yes or no to me at first. There are plenty of factors that go into deciding your personal stance.

       The first website & one of the best that offers bipartisan discussions on the subject was DeathPenalty.ProCon.Org . I liked their site the best because it had truly bipartisan discussions, as opposed to some sites where a specific side is favored and sometimes underneath people wanting to be right, the truth can get lost. Just a note for navigating that website, the stars next to the names of the people are in no way indications of their knowledge on the subject or even a rating of their submission. If you click the tab at the top of the page that says 'Theoretical Expertise' or click here, you will see a full break down of what the stars mean. So please, don't let that influence your personal decision or opinion(s).

      As you scroll down the first site, even if you already have your mind made up about this in your head, if you're reading with an unbiased mind it should make you think a little. Between morality, constitutional rights and costs (only 3 of the 10 topics covered) it made me think even on the issues I had already chosen. On the first, Morality, I found myself siding with the anti-death penalty argument made because Bryan Stevenson (the person who made that argument) made many points that I found to be valid. One being the question of whether the government holds the authority to murder anyone. I want someone to look at the picture below and honestly, though it's a rhetorical question, provide a meaningful answer.

           Not to say this in itself is entirely dismissive of the entire issue, but it is definitely something to be thought about. It's likely that if you tried to explain this to a small child they would say the same thing. Why kill someone because they killed someone else merely to show it's wrong? Seems like quite the oxymoron to me.