May 26, 2011

Put Down Those Blood Pressure Pills, Pick Up A Tomato!


   First of all, I just want to say that I am all for natural and healthy alternatives to today's pharmaceuticals. There's nothing wrong with science and it's advancements, I'm a strong supporter of that, but I'm definitely an advocate for the natural solutions to our health problems. The FDA sure as hell aren't going to give you the answers, so you have to search for them! So here you are, and here I am. With that being said, this article details a recent study conducted by 'experts' in Australia (including some from the University of Adelaide) who have come to the conclusion that tomatoes and tomato paste may have highly beneficial effects on those people suffering from high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure. It may also lower the risk of strokes and subsequently

    According to them, it's all in the lycopenem: an anti-oxidant found in tomatoes. Without doing any research at ALL, we can easily conclude that this would be a safer alternative than pills. Tomatoes don't come with small print on the back detailing all the possible side effects and additional ailments they may give you whilst trying to cure you. With that being said, if you were looking into this for yourself or for someone you know, it would be wisest to go organic. Washing down pesticides and GM chemical residue sure doesn't do anyone any good... but that's another blog post.

   Now, before you go trying to discredit this new finding as 'just another one of those things', know this isn't merely one finding. This claim has been concluded out of studying 14 international studies. I know it's easy to just run over to your local pharmacist, but it's even easier to pick up a nice tomato or even some tomato paste. Health is always important so if this means something to you, heed the information. Pass it on. Thanks for reading!


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May 15, 2011

FDA Approves Cloned Meat For Public Consumption Despite Clear Defects In Animals


Nasty, nasty, nasty. Now, I'm not sure about you but immediately before even hearing any evidence or research I was objecting to this. I guess a true scientist would want to look more into the statistics before objecting but... I'm not a "true scientist". I'm an average citizen that thinks this would be disgusting! Anyways, let's get to the facts.
  • "Food from healthy clones of cattle, swine and goats is as safe as food from non-cloned animals." - FDA. They also go on to say:
  • "Extensive evaluation of the available data has not identified any subtle hazards that might indicate food-consumption risks in healthy clones of cattle, swine, or goats" in their 968 page 'final risk assessment'. 
  • "Thus, edible products from healthy clones that meet existing requirements for meat and milk in commerce pose no increased food consumption risk(s) relative to comparable products from sexually-derived animals."
Based on that information, there should be no worries right? Try again. With their own words,  the FDA has contradicted themselves.

  • "But the FDA said it needs more information to determine the safety of meat and milk from cloned sheep. The FDA also concluded that food from newborn cattle clones "may pose some very limited human food consumption risk." 
So they previously stated that their 'extensive evaluation of available data' didn't find any hazards whatsoever, then a bit later on they tell you, "Oh hey! Never mind. Here it is. There's something wrong with the sheep and the newborn cattle."  The FDA who is advocating cloned meat isn't going to say: HEY YOU! We're selling some messed up meat for our personal benefit! That's merely two sentences though. Let's look at even more evidence.

   Though I'm angry stuff like this doesn't make it into the news - don't worry. You and I aren't the only ones who know. The FDA has received an estimated 30,500 complaints about the matter as of January, 2008. About half of those have been about something sure to enrage you - the lack of labeling. If and when this cloned meat hits American markets, the FDA says that it will NOT,  yes you read that right, NOT require cloned products to be labeled separately from from authentic ones. I don't know about you but I cherish the right to know what's in my food. That's something I would fight for. Dr. Stephen Sundlof, director of the agency's Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, says "there's really nothing for us to label." I'll allow that one to sink in.