April 2, 2011

Police VS The Evil 70 Year Old Grandma Who Won't Water Her Garden


    This is your typical atypical blog report... and I know that was contradictory. The police abuse is typical, though it shouldn't be. The reason the police even took an initiative to arrest this woman is definitely atypical. Then there's the fact that she's a 70 year old.

   So picture this. Your 70 year old grandma in Utah has problems with her grass. Between fighting the system to be sure she's eligible for her medicare, taking care of grandpa and still getting out and staying healthy, she just can't get it right. Just possible theories. Regardless, her garden just isn't up to par with everyone else's in the neighborhood. Whether neighbors or the home owners association, someone decides that her garden is in violation of local regulations. So the took it upon themselves to enlighten her that she needs to water her garden. They end up asking her her name which she is not legally obliged to provide as far as I know since she did not violate any laws. When she denies to give them her name and she says she 'tried to go inside to call her son to fix the dispute' and that's when the officer replied "What are you doing?" and hit her in the face with his handcuffs. The police claim she fell.
   This is one of those moments where you just have to put your little thinking cap on. What motive does a 70 year old woman have to lie about her local police? No one has any suggestions? I didn't think so. The police officer knows unjust force and abuse can alert locals and cost him his job (if people even cared). He has a reason to lie and this is typical cover-up. What a coincidence she randomly falls out of nowhere and cuts her nose open so that she was to go to the hospital. LIES. Just another example of the police doing what they want in terms of power and force and covering it up under the excuse of 'necessary force needed for work'. In my opinion, the problem is people can get arrested for fighting under a slew of ambiguous charges, but when the police do it their tracks are covered. They claim the policeman was suspended. I can guarantee you that it was with paid leave. I don't know about you, but it sounds more like a reward than a punishment to me. Get paid to sit home and chill? Most people wish for things like that.

   We have to keep watching these police and know what they are capable of. Inexcusable and unnecessary abuse (not that abuse is ever necessary). She was immediately released from jail according to them because they realized she didn't need to be arrested solely so that they could learn her name. I'm glad someone in that system has a conscience and let her go. Along with the broken bridge of her nose where the officer hit her, she suffered bruises from the handcuffs which were too tight. So, to 70 year old Betty Perry who was abused and assaulted by the grueling police system, I'm sorry. And anyone else for that matter. Those injured, abused and even murdered. We don't even have to go there.


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