April 1, 2011

Obama - Birthers Find 'Solid' Proof Of Birthplace Lies?

   In case you're unaware ( which I doubt anyone at this point could be ), there is a movement or belief that Obama was not born in Hawaii and was in fact born somewhere outside of the United States such as Kenya or Indonesia. The people who believe this are called 'birthers'. I have researched it probably once or twice but my interest level was low so I didn't come to a personal conclusion nor did I care much. In my opinion, who cares where he was born. In my opinion, the important things are what this person is doing. Now, granted, if someone believes that he doesn't have our country's best interest at heart ( what president does, anyway? ) then of course they would bring that up. I personally care more about what the president is actually doing. Let's just say, speaking hypothetically, that Obama is the best president ever, but he really wasn't born in the United States. If he was to be impeached, we could put someone into office who was born here and still is incapable of doing a better job.

      Though this is how I personally feel, it is in the Constitution of which the president swore to hold true to. So if he lied about something such as that which is the basis of America and what we all stand for, it could most definitely cause some people to lose trust in him. I am only against the people who know nothing whatsoever about Obama or his policies and actions, and want him impeached solely on their belief of his birth place. Anything past that and it's your opinion which you're entitled to. So now, let's talk about the article.

      Gregory Hollister impersonated Obama and received some personal information. It's scary to think that he called and gave the wrong address, and other false information for the president of the United States and no one noticed... unless he had an inside helper. Either way he ended up with Obama's social security number. Now, according to Hollister, there are two problems with Obama's social. Number one, the Social Security Association website says that that number was NEVER ISSUED.  Even if people want to ignore that fact, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. It wasn't registered or whatever other excuse you can conjure up. The number, according to Hollister, begins with 042 which would be for someone who lived in Connecticut, and not Hawaii as Obama claims to have been born.

      Like I said It's not that big a deal to me BUT if the president did wrong, he should admit to it. It would be scary to know that the president has started his whole presidency as a lie. You have to research it for yourself and come to your own conclusions. As far as I know both parents have to be U.S. citizens at the time of birth for you to be eligible to be president. You can fact check me. It is said that his father was born in Kenya, making him ineligible. Do your homework.


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