April 1, 2011

New York Lawmakers Reach Common Ground For Budget

   Usually I wouldn't post something like this, but since as I have recently posted the book below on Taxes, debts & deficits it would be pessimistic of me to complain of the bad and not talk about the good. These lawmakers have attempted to cut down spending in New York by cutting off certain aspects of health care... and here comes the bomb shell: schools.

I know the money has to come from somewhere but I'm 100% against cutting money from the schools. I won't say much about the health care because if you read about it you know it is greatly overpriced. Depending on where it is cut, it won't negatively affect the people. An example of that would be people buying expensive brand name medicines now switching to the cheapest available one (so long as it doesn't decrease their medicinal quality). They still get the medicine and reduce costs. But the people of New York need to inquire about that to see where those cuts were made. I don't agree with cutting the schools because in my eyes children are the greatest investment of all. They are the future that tomorrow will see. They are the next generation.

   Again, like I previously stated the people of New York should see where the cuts were made as the article doesn't specify. Let's suppose they cut money for renovations and new lockers for students. That's not negatively affecting their learning environment and though I believe the children should have the best of the best I could live with a cut such as the above. Though you also have to consider that it could be a different cut such as cutting teachers which makes less classes. That means more children in each class, and certain classes would be cut. The higher level or gifted kids and the kids who need special attention mixed in together with everyone in between. Then the kids don't work up to their full potential, the teachers are more stressed out due to the higher work load or amount of students and it just all goes downhill. So the effects of this, hopefully, are not the latter.

     Either way, I'm glad that these law makers have attempted to reduce their state deficit and help the budget. This budget is said to cut overall spending and impose no (major) new taxes. It will also help reduce the Medicaid programs, which the book 'Where Does the Money Go?' (see review here)reviewed and called for a cut. Though this is only on a state level, it has to start out somewhere. Hopefully neighboring states become influenced and we can push the leaders in Washington to follow suit. Be optimistic. 

 Here is the link to the Yahoo! story.


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