April 14, 2011

NBA All Star Kobe Bryant Fined for Anti-Gay Slurs?

  This isn't in line with my usual posts, but I thought it was interesting because this will tackle a social problem as compared to usually a political and subliminally moral one. I do believe that gays, just as other human beings on earth, should be given the human respect any and everyone deserves. Meaning not being specifically targeted. You and I may not be gay but I do know I wouldn't want to be targeted because of my race, gender, religion or other personal factor. Going along with that logic, here is our story.
         Allegedly, Kobe Bryant made some offensive slurs about gays during a basketball game. I personally know sports can get 'heated' and people may say things they don't mean, but at the end of the day the words can't be retracted. So the coach who called Kobe out for his words would be doing what he believes is right and sticking up for the gay and lesbian communities. The only thing in the midst of all this that bothers me is the fine. What does the $100,000 do? Is it supposed to make the offended gays feel better? Teach Kobe a lesson? What does the money do? In my opinion, nothing.

          If someone called you a 'cracker', 'nigger', 'beaner' or some other offensive racial slur because of your race, how would you feel? Now you demand that they pay you money. Even if they pay, it personally wouldn't fulfill me. It doesn't change the words or my feelings. As a matter of fact, I take that back. It would insult me even more that they think that their money can compensate for their actions. If the person that said the offensive remarks had been just another person on the street, would that same referee have gone to the trouble of filing a lawsuit over the matter? Would he have even made a quarrel about it to the person? I doubt it. So to me, the monetary discipline is meaningless. Will the NBA donate the money to gay/lesbian equality or charitable causes? If not, then the money is a totally separate and unrelated issue than the offense at hand.

      If the man was a truly concerned person for potentially offended gays, he should have told Kobe to make a public apology for the incident, which he did willingly. The money holds no meaning. So the real question for me personally is, why the fine? Just to prove to people that they did something, or is it supposed to be a lesson? Think about it for yourself. Here's the articlle from CNN.


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