April 17, 2011

Guatemalans Sue US Over Illegal Human Experimentation!

  This is beautiful. Justice for the people. As the US was exposed for their illegal human experimentation (see my post on it here) Guatemalans didn't just sit their and say 'ok, thanks for telling us'! They, according to this article, 'are suing federal health officials to compensate them for health problems they have suffered.' Honestly though, when this was all exposed Obama and whoever else was in the know and had the authority to compensate them should have at the first chance. Not because it fixes anything at all, but because they owe it to them. People get payed at least to be human guinea pigs. Before you go telling me that the US is over $14 trillion dollars in debt, I don't want to hear that AT ALL. They waste money how and when they want to on stupid things when it benefits them or when they are too lazy to change programs. Half a million just to fly over the superbowl stadium when even the people inside couldn't look up and see it? $1 million annually to store a failed satellite? And those, unfortunately, are the low cost ones. The link that talks about the satellite shows some of the waste that goes into the billions. So whether or not we  can afford to compensate the Guatemalan people for the injustices that we did to them isn't a question on the table. I'm glad that they're not sitting back and waiting for handouts, if we want anything from this government nowadays we have to TAKE IT! Just for the record, this article blows the cover off anyone with the mentality that the US government voluntarily admitted to their wrongdoing. A medical historian, aka a heroic whistle blower brought us to where we are now. Dear unnamed madam or sir, you have made a change in the world.

Yahoo! Article detailing lawsuit

 Another Yahoo! article talking about other shameful incidents similar to this that got no publicity.


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