March 18, 2011

US Programmed Propaganda?

    Ahhhh, this link sent a chill through my spine; though simultaneously gave me a bit of reassurance about some of my suspicions. So constantly on the internet no matter which website or what forum, you will see people argue about politics. And of course with such an opinionated subject people will always disagree and go their separate ways, but there always seems to me to be that ONE person who is ALWAYS there shooting down opposing opinions with no compromise to factual statements at all. Maybe I'm crazy and it's all in my head... or maybe this link will say otherwise.

   If you read the story you will realize  that it says the military is planning to do this in the (near) future. But what makes you think they haven't already? Anyways, I can't prove that. But the aforementioned link says a lot. If you read that and didn't feel any type of betrayal or fear, something is wrong with you. Think about the effects this has on the people. With all the things in today's world few people really care about the true politics. Then the few people that ARE trying to step up to that level are met with lies from the US military. Although few people today seem to know or care for the truth, you have to sympathize with them. The people planning to lie to us online and influence us to think "Pro-American" things are the same people who run the education system. Connect the dots in your head. They aren't gonna write bad things about themselves in your children's textbooks. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    Like I said in the second paragraph, READ THE STORY! Well. It says that they don't plan to target "American" websites or even use this propaganda on Americans. They say the reasoning is that it would be 'unlawful'. So many times the 'people in charge' break and if not bend the rules to whatever they want to do, I personally do not believe that would be a valid limiting factor. I believe that if they have a program like that, they wouldn't use it entirely on foreign people. But even if they DID, you should care. If they run honest programs and REALLY had the American people's best interest at heart, there would be no need whatsoever for them to spread lies and "Pro-American propaganda" to anyone at all. If you doubt any of my logic or thinking, take that into consideration, please. And remember how the story is entitled. The US Military (who are allegedly the ones utilizing this social weapon) did not come out and confess to their wrongdoing or admit its usage. The story claims it was 'revealed'. If your imagination runs wild on that thought, it should.

   Let's read into the part where it talks about being "anti-terrorism" and being used in Iraq. How I hate that excuse. As artist Lupe Fiasco said in his inspirational and political song "Words I Never Said", I believe it's "Just a poor excuse for [you] to use up all your bullets". You being them, the military, the government, the Illuminati, the whoever you wanna call ems. Even IF they really only wanted to use this operation as a way to control terrorists, aren't we FIGHTING A WAR OVER THERE?! Maybe if we weren't over there for no reason ANYWAYS then they wouldn't have animosity towards the U.S. The way how I see it is that this situation is similar to someone who lies. If you tell one lie and then end up telling another lie to cover up the first one, it just pushes you further and further into falsehood and your lies! But if you had just told the truth in the first place, there would be no lies to lie about... if that made sense. My analogy that I'm trying to make is that if the U.S. actually treated people or countries with respect and contended their 'Free speech' amendment in the Constitution, people's thoughts and ideas wouldn't be a problem. If they found something that was straight up illegal then they need to deal with that accordingly. So I don't want to hear the excuse of it being used to counter terrorism, that is straight BS. That's all I have to say about that one. Read the story for yourself, there's nothing else I have to say!   


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