March 9, 2011

Book Review: Where Does The Money Go?

      I want to start off by saying that I thought this would be a great idea to promote books on this site. Many people advocate education and reading books but become quiet when asked to recommend a favorite book or a good read. Whether that's because they don't read much or simply don't recall anything because they're not used to spreading that information, I believe that shouldn't be the case. So with that being said, I thought putting reviews of books that follow my interests on this website would be a great idea.

   This isn't down my usual alley of political interests... I usually favor the conspiracies and factual stuff such as 9-11 where you place the pieces together and decipher the truth from the propaganda. But I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who even slightly cares about taxes, medicare or social security. You should. It's like "Federal Spending 101 for Dummies". Makes perfect sense of things with lots of statistics and references. As of 2007, the U.S. was $9 trillion dollars in debt. Yes, trillion. Please support the two artists of the book: Scott Brittle & Jean Johnson. Throughout the book they remained an unbiased perspective and talked about the numerous problems and solutions to this and why politicians are so reluctant to speak out about it. Pick up this book today for the sake of our tomorrow!

You can recommend it to your local library, try to purchase it at Borders/Barnes & Nobles or purchase it online at Amazon. Another idea that saves both your wallet and the planet, is to buy it on Thrift Books. This is a website where people sell used books, which benefits everyone in my opinion. Instead of a publisher creating more books and wasting more paper, ink and then shipping it to the store, you buy it from someone & get it at a pretty decent price. Needless to say you can use this site for any book(s) you want. Here is a direct link to that book on Thrift Books. If the link is broken, that means all copies have been sold out ! :)


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