March 28, 2011

Soldier admits psychopathic violent rampage?!

    As soon as I read this story and began to blog about it, it immediately reminded of the very first blog post I ever did which was on the same exact subject. In today's society our hired hitmen (soldiers) are held with great prestige for their job, but I bet all of those people who uphold that image of our enlisted hitmen would hang their heads in shame. The picture above should make you nauseous. That is army specialist Jeremy Morlock smiling above an innocent 15 year old Afghan farmer. They chose him randomly to murder because 'the timing was right', according to the version of the story.. Allegedly, he kept the severed finger(s) of this innocent victim as some sort of a trophy. Just keep in mind they don't shouldn't murder innocent civilians. Disgusting.

    So the story entails a 23 year old army specialist who murdered Afghan citizens... for sport. That he has admitted to already. Though the first soldier whom this story is about ( Jeremy Morlock ) has denied that he... well let me directly quote the source(s). These are all from CNN's version of the story. "In all, officials charged 12 U.S. soldiers in what they called a conspiracy to kill Afghan civilians and cover it up, along with charges they mutilated corpses and kept grisly souvenirs." "Holmes is charged with the premeditated deaths of three civilians, possessing a dismembered human finger, wrongfully possessing photographs of human casualties and smoking hashish."

   Keeping human remains, taking pictures alongside them... these are our beloved soldiers? The prestigious highly respected soldiers?  Wake up people. Read the stories. There were allegedly a total of 12 soldiers involved in the crimes which included consuming illegal drugs. Jeremy Morlock has shortened his sentence to 24 years by snitching on testifying against his fellow soldiers. But here's the catch... they have specific military courts or something along those lines for the soldiers. Sense the bias? I do too. After 7 years Jeremy has the option of parole. Murdering innocent civilians, consuming illegal drugs, covering up all types of wrongdoing... all in the army. Keep your eyes open people. I will post all the links below.


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