March 26, 2011

Fall of the U.S. Dollar?

  So I was browsing for news on the alternative news website and I came upon a story talking about a censored political ad which was narrated by Alex Jones. You should be concerned not only that every mainstream news source rejected the ad but also about the video behind it. I didn't watch the whole thing, (gave up after 45 minutes, really needs a pause button!) but I think people should at least try to watch a portion of it because the statistics given in the video are crucial.

       Some of the things he talked about in the video talked about our standard of living, taxes, our national deficit and debt, medicare, social security and so on. This goes hand in hand with one of my latest blog entries on the book which entails this problem in great detail: Where Does the Money Go? (Your Guide to the Federal Budget Crisis) by Scott Brittle and Jean Johnson. Full of facts and they are totally fair with the views that they present. I recommend this book 50000000000% . You can search for this book at your local bookstore/library or you can support the two young authors by buying the book online at Amazon.

       In the video below, Alex Jones tells you about which stations have declined to air his ad and puts the ad into the video for you to see.


Here is the link to the story directly on his website with the embedded video as he broadcasts it.

 From the above link you can click on the link on that story where it says '' . 

Otherwise, here is the direct link to the video that I watched.

Watch the video and think about your future. Think about your family. Your neighbors. Sitting back and doing nothing and letting the people who can't even handle THEIR OWN MONEY handle yours? Not a good decision.

  Here is another video from Fox News ( I know, I know ) but please before you down it, I know Fox News is... horrible. BUT what Glenn Beck and the other person are discussing is very logical. Even I could come to that conclusion. And they did something few people would have even contemplated within their own minds... linked the depreciation of the U.S. dollar to the New World Order. Conspiracy? Don't brand it off without some thought...

   Now, I want you to look at this chart depicting the fall of the US dollar.    

Now, look at these charts depicting the rise of gas prices in recent years.

Commodities up, dollar down. Sound familiar? Ring any alarms in your head? It should. Piece it all together. History repeats itself, but I wouldn't trust anything left to the hands of the elite. Don't underestimate what you can personally do. If one person stands up another may and there we have a rally. Me blogging about this and you reading it isn't making a change. Us getting together and protesting publicly? That's making a change. Never forget that.


Here is a link to another website discussing the US dollar's conflicts.


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