March 29, 2011

Building 7 Awareness Campaign Under Way??

   9-11 is a topic I've failed to cover on this blog as of yet because I don't want to put up any half-assed information, seem partisan towards any side and because I personally want to be 100% confident in my belief of what happened if I plan to publicize it. But this campaign comes from nonpartisan (or bipartisan depending on your view ) people who only want the truth about 9-11, especially building 7.

   Their website is at Http://RememberBuilding7.Org. The website reveals lots of crucial facts, sponsors and even proposes ideas as to what we all can do to pitch in. They have raised $75,000 so far and need an additional $25,000 in all. The ad will reach millions of people and hopefully bring us closer to a new investigation and justice for those thousands of people that died on that tragic day. On the website you can donate towards the cause and spread the website and ad towards your friends. Here is the ad:

In case you missed it above, here is the link to the website.


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