March 29, 2011

Freedom of Speech? Not so much...

    I can't say the first thing that popped into my mind about this article ( the Constitution composed by our founding fathers ) because this is in ( Communist ) China. Ran Yunfei was arrested by Chinese police for going against the ruling communist party in blog posts. 46 year old Ran was detained for over a month with no charge. After over a month they finally came up with the charge of inciting subversion of state power. Wang Yi, a former legal scholar said: "Basically, it's the crime of expressing your opinions".

More than 100 activists, many of them active on Twitter and blogging sites, have been detained, subjected to monitoring and intimidation by the security forces or have gone missing since late February, particularly after the online calls for "Jasmine" gatherings, according to Amnesty International.

"The government on the one hand prevents freedom of the press and disallows the free flow of information, and on the other hand ... conceals the truth," Ran wrote on his Twitter account on Feb 14. "It's no wonder that rumors are prevalent under these circumstances." Highly unfortunate that the Chinese government would punish its own for exercising (what I believe to be) inalienable human rights. Not American rights, human rights.
Here is the link to the story.

Building 7 Awareness Campaign Under Way??

   9-11 is a topic I've failed to cover on this blog as of yet because I don't want to put up any half-assed information, seem partisan towards any side and because I personally want to be 100% confident in my belief of what happened if I plan to publicize it. But this campaign comes from nonpartisan (or bipartisan depending on your view ) people who only want the truth about 9-11, especially building 7.

   Their website is at Http://RememberBuilding7.Org. The website reveals lots of crucial facts, sponsors and even proposes ideas as to what we all can do to pitch in. They have raised $75,000 so far and need an additional $25,000 in all. The ad will reach millions of people and hopefully bring us closer to a new investigation and justice for those thousands of people that died on that tragic day. On the website you can donate towards the cause and spread the website and ad towards your friends. Here is the ad:

In case you missed it above, here is the link to the website.

March 28, 2011

Soldier admits psychopathic violent rampage?!

    As soon as I read this story and began to blog about it, it immediately reminded of the very first blog post I ever did which was on the same exact subject. In today's society our hired hitmen (soldiers) are held with great prestige for their job, but I bet all of those people who uphold that image of our enlisted hitmen would hang their heads in shame. The picture above should make you nauseous. That is army specialist Jeremy Morlock smiling above an innocent 15 year old Afghan farmer. They chose him randomly to murder because 'the timing was right', according to the version of the story.. Allegedly, he kept the severed finger(s) of this innocent victim as some sort of a trophy. Just keep in mind they don't shouldn't murder innocent civilians. Disgusting.

March 26, 2011

Fall of the U.S. Dollar?

  So I was browsing for news on the alternative news website and I came upon a story talking about a censored political ad which was narrated by Alex Jones. You should be concerned not only that every mainstream news source rejected the ad but also about the video behind it. I didn't watch the whole thing, (gave up after 45 minutes, really needs a pause button!) but I think people should at least try to watch a portion of it because the statistics given in the video are crucial.

       Some of the things he talked about in the video talked about our standard of living, taxes, our national deficit and debt, medicare, social security and so on. This goes hand in hand with one of my latest blog entries on the book which entails this problem in great detail: Where Does the Money Go? (Your Guide to the Federal Budget Crisis) by Scott Brittle and Jean Johnson. Full of facts and they are totally fair with the views that they present. I recommend this book 50000000000% . You can search for this book at your local bookstore/library or you can support the two young authors by buying the book online at Amazon.

       In the video below, Alex Jones tells you about which stations have declined to air his ad and puts the ad into the video for you to see.


Here is the link to the story directly on his website with the embedded video as he broadcasts it.

 From the above link you can click on the link on that story where it says '' . 

Otherwise, here is the direct link to the video that I watched.

Watch the video and think about your future. Think about your family. Your neighbors. Sitting back and doing nothing and letting the people who can't even handle THEIR OWN MONEY handle yours? Not a good decision.

  Here is another video from Fox News ( I know, I know ) but please before you down it, I know Fox News is... horrible. BUT what Glenn Beck and the other person are discussing is very logical. Even I could come to that conclusion. And they did something few people would have even contemplated within their own minds... linked the depreciation of the U.S. dollar to the New World Order. Conspiracy? Don't brand it off without some thought...

   Now, I want you to look at this chart depicting the fall of the US dollar.    

Now, look at these charts depicting the rise of gas prices in recent years.

Commodities up, dollar down. Sound familiar? Ring any alarms in your head? It should. Piece it all together. History repeats itself, but I wouldn't trust anything left to the hands of the elite. Don't underestimate what you can personally do. If one person stands up another may and there we have a rally. Me blogging about this and you reading it isn't making a change. Us getting together and protesting publicly? That's making a change. Never forget that.


Here is a link to another website discussing the US dollar's conflicts.

March 18, 2011

US Programmed Propaganda?

    Ahhhh, this link sent a chill through my spine; though simultaneously gave me a bit of reassurance about some of my suspicions. So constantly on the internet no matter which website or what forum, you will see people argue about politics. And of course with such an opinionated subject people will always disagree and go their separate ways, but there always seems to me to be that ONE person who is ALWAYS there shooting down opposing opinions with no compromise to factual statements at all. Maybe I'm crazy and it's all in my head... or maybe this link will say otherwise.

March 9, 2011

Book Review: Where Does The Money Go?

      I want to start off by saying that I thought this would be a great idea to promote books on this site. Many people advocate education and reading books but become quiet when asked to recommend a favorite book or a good read. Whether that's because they don't read much or simply don't recall anything because they're not used to spreading that information, I believe that shouldn't be the case. So with that being said, I thought putting reviews of books that follow my interests on this website would be a great idea.

   This isn't down my usual alley of political interests... I usually favor the conspiracies and factual stuff such as 9-11 where you place the pieces together and decipher the truth from the propaganda. But I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who even slightly cares about taxes, medicare or social security. You should. It's like "Federal Spending 101 for Dummies". Makes perfect sense of things with lots of statistics and references. As of 2007, the U.S. was $9 trillion dollars in debt. Yes, trillion. Please support the two artists of the book: Scott Brittle & Jean Johnson. Throughout the book they remained an unbiased perspective and talked about the numerous problems and solutions to this and why politicians are so reluctant to speak out about it. Pick up this book today for the sake of our tomorrow!

You can recommend it to your local library, try to purchase it at Borders/Barnes & Nobles or purchase it online at Amazon. Another idea that saves both your wallet and the planet, is to buy it on Thrift Books. This is a website where people sell used books, which benefits everyone in my opinion. Instead of a publisher creating more books and wasting more paper, ink and then shipping it to the store, you buy it from someone & get it at a pretty decent price. Needless to say you can use this site for any book(s) you want. Here is a direct link to that book on Thrift Books. If the link is broken, that means all copies have been sold out ! :)