January 22, 2011

Illegal Human Experimentation?

Decades later, a deadly human experimentation case has been revealed to the public. Our U.S. government has confessed to injecting about 700 unsuspecting Guatemalans with STD's including syphilis from 1946-1948. The victims included prison inmates, prostitutes, mental patients and soldiers. The Nation Institute of Health, who you would hope and assume would be opposed and appalled at an operation such as this participated in distributing and funding the project. American tax dollars were used in the process. According to the New York Times, the reason it ended when it did was because of rumors spreading about the project which should have been kept in secrecy. But before condemning the American government for their detrimental and unethical deed(s), we should also consider that the Guatemalan government consented the deadly actions taken against their own people. Does this make you feel more secure about your government that after 6+ decades they felt the need to reveal the truth and apologize? Or do you feel less safe knowing that this was covered up for over 60 years with no one caring enough to bring the truth to the light? Personally it makes my skin crawl to think that these people control our food markets, the vaccinations we take and our pharmaceutical market only for starters. They say history repeats itself, so take notes people.

Source(s): MSNBC News Report & Video
                Wikipedia - less credible but documented nonetheless
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Video on the subject:


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