December 27, 2011

TSA & The Terrorist Cupcakes !

      I'd like to start this post off with an apology for my slanderous claims about the TSA in my first ever blog post. I was totally wrong about them, & they've proved themselves to be quite an agency for the American people. Time and time again the TSA have showed us their fairness and equality when it comes to procedures.. not to mention freedom of choice !

A wonderful TSA agent providing the freedom of choice (between the selected two choices). What more can you ask?

December 22, 2011

"Added Freshness" Is Truly Synonymous With "Reduced Health"


        Food. I've been avoiding the one big post I truly need to do on food for quite some time now, considering I have so much to say and I'm not one to skimp on resources or information to back my claims up. Though I've been hinting at food issues with some of my posts, (including a self-sustainable town in Britain growing their own organic produce, a public school growing their own organic produce, the FDA approving cloned meat, & one on tomatoes/blood pressure) there's always room for more !
      This article concerns labels sporting the statement "for added freshness". If you don't already know what that means or where this is headed, just try to imagine what that could possibly mean. What do you add to a product that makes it 'more fresh'? If your bananas go bad, what do you put on them to reverse their rotting ? Unless I'm missing something here, the answer is nothing. So whatever is added into foods for 'added freshness' would be some unnatural chemical by my guess.. and such it is. Many of these chemicals are so unheard of to us, they are practically foreign in nature.

December 20, 2011

British Town Grows It's Own Fruits and Vegetables

    Strikingly similar to my last post on a school that grew their own organic food, the title tells you what it's all about. Before I continue, let me just say for a moment why in my opinion it is important to stay healthy and to buy locally/grow your own food and so on.

     I personally feel as though politics relates to all areas of life, because it deals with people and all of those involved. It deals with religion because we have the two separate institutions of church & state. It deals with science because we have (often state-endorsed) vaccines which we know to be harmful. When it comes to food, we realize that due to either extreme stupidity and neglect or conspiracy against the people, we are, especially Americans, being fed complete crap. No thanks to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) who has done more harm than help in the direction of ensuring the safety of our food. We have to be our own personal FDA.

December 6, 2011

School Changes Lunch For The Better - Organic AND Local !

           Let me start off by saying that the mess that is slopped down and presented to children in school as "food" is unacceptable. I have seen some of these cafeterias and the foods they serve for myself, as well as the students choices based on what's available. It's a disgrace the way that they're fed. It's no wonder we're infamously the fat & lazy Americans. We see a lot more of this:

And a lot less of this:

            Truth be told, I had trouble even finding something that could pass as a 'healthy' lunch on Google. While the first picture may be a stretch... not by much. I encourage anyone with children to see the choices their children are given at school.

November 6, 2011

Book Review: Gandhi: A Very Short Introduction

     So I've been slacking a bit on the book reviews, (see my last one on money & its government allotment here) but I recently picked this book up and couldn't help but get back in the groove, so to speak. This book is very small and convenient, a short read. This is the first I have read about Gandhi and I found it to be very interesting. The book covers his personal life, beliefs, and actions all in 152 small pages. I rarely read a book twice but this is one I will read again, no doubt. I closed this book with a mind open to new ideas, for example:
  • Gandhi's take on debates/discussions, 
  • His view that all people are good in one way or another and therefore salvageable
  • And the idea that one cannot hurt another without hurting himself. 

October 15, 2011

Troy Davis: Georgia's Biggest Mistake


         Troy Davis, Troy Davis, Troy Davis. Ahh what a name, what a meaning, what a symbol this man has become. Those of you who have read my blog before know how I feel about the death penalty, for numerous reasons varying from its moral oxymora, arbitrary distribution & failure to deter crime. This case is different from the usual though, because many pro-death penalty individuals fought for the release of Troy Davis. Though this may sound contradictory, the reason I have yet to post about Georgia's legal lynching of Troy Davis is because I've been so engulfed within it.

      Regardless, I don't plan to turn this into a battlefield of my opinion vs yours, or cop killer vs nice guy. I just think we should all take a moment and reflect on this case... contemplate not only Troy Davis' execution but the death penalty, because it's shown it's complete contempt for human life and the voices of 'the people' who supposedly keep this justice system in balance. When thousands rise up only to be stonewalled and ignored by 'the system' that should show us the power that is held in the hands of the judicial system.

                                                              (Protesters in Georgia)

August 14, 2011

Threats vs Action - Bias of Our 'Justice System'

         Our "justice system" today is so screwed up that it puzzles me anyone confides in it. We have reached the stage where you get in more trouble for threatening to do something than actually doing it... in this case, murder.

  Now I hope you know as well as I do the power that your local Nazi's (or enforcement officers, as people like to call them) hold. Police brutality is prevalent in any community whether you realize it or not. Nowadays even trying to cooperate and being respectful could cost you your life; so it's best to hope the Nazi that you are dealing with had a good day. Now, it has been taken a step further.

         Here's the official story in case you haven't heard it already. On January 1st, 2009, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Police were called to assess a fight on a subway. When the train came to a stop, the police detained certain people. Whether they gained descriptions of who was fighting or if they just picked who they pleased is yet to be revealed to me. Oscar Grant, among the detainees, was reportedly resisting at which point police placed him face down onto the floor. Two police were specifically 'on' him. One with his knee on Oscar's neck/head and the other near his back. Here's where it gets crazy: one officer, Johannes Mehserle, found the need to take out his gun and shoot Oscar in the back. Let's see it on video.

   Just a note: If you're at work or in a public place, this video does have yelling and plenty of expletives.

June 27, 2011

Why The Death Penalty Is A Failure - Morally, Financially and Most Importantly In Deterring Crime

    Today I was contemplating the death penalty and whether it's right or wrong, morally speaking. Of course, it's always easy to simply dismiss subjects regarding taking the lives of others, but I wanted to think about it on a much larger scale than that, and honestly, the question wasn't an easy yes or no to me at first. There are plenty of factors that go into deciding your personal stance.

       The first website & one of the best that offers bipartisan discussions on the subject was DeathPenalty.ProCon.Org . I liked their site the best because it had truly bipartisan discussions, as opposed to some sites where a specific side is favored and sometimes underneath people wanting to be right, the truth can get lost. Just a note for navigating that website, the stars next to the names of the people are in no way indications of their knowledge on the subject or even a rating of their submission. If you click the tab at the top of the page that says 'Theoretical Expertise' or click here, you will see a full break down of what the stars mean. So please, don't let that influence your personal decision or opinion(s).

      As you scroll down the first site, even if you already have your mind made up about this in your head, if you're reading with an unbiased mind it should make you think a little. Between morality, constitutional rights and costs (only 3 of the 10 topics covered) it made me think even on the issues I had already chosen. On the first, Morality, I found myself siding with the anti-death penalty argument made because Bryan Stevenson (the person who made that argument) made many points that I found to be valid. One being the question of whether the government holds the authority to murder anyone. I want someone to look at the picture below and honestly, though it's a rhetorical question, provide a meaningful answer.

           Not to say this in itself is entirely dismissive of the entire issue, but it is definitely something to be thought about. It's likely that if you tried to explain this to a small child they would say the same thing. Why kill someone because they killed someone else merely to show it's wrong? Seems like quite the oxymoron to me.      

May 26, 2011

Put Down Those Blood Pressure Pills, Pick Up A Tomato!


   First of all, I just want to say that I am all for natural and healthy alternatives to today's pharmaceuticals. There's nothing wrong with science and it's advancements, I'm a strong supporter of that, but I'm definitely an advocate for the natural solutions to our health problems. The FDA sure as hell aren't going to give you the answers, so you have to search for them! So here you are, and here I am. With that being said, this article details a recent study conducted by 'experts' in Australia (including some from the University of Adelaide) who have come to the conclusion that tomatoes and tomato paste may have highly beneficial effects on those people suffering from high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure. It may also lower the risk of strokes and subsequently

    According to them, it's all in the lycopenem: an anti-oxidant found in tomatoes. Without doing any research at ALL, we can easily conclude that this would be a safer alternative than pills. Tomatoes don't come with small print on the back detailing all the possible side effects and additional ailments they may give you whilst trying to cure you. With that being said, if you were looking into this for yourself or for someone you know, it would be wisest to go organic. Washing down pesticides and GM chemical residue sure doesn't do anyone any good... but that's another blog post.

   Now, before you go trying to discredit this new finding as 'just another one of those things', know this isn't merely one finding. This claim has been concluded out of studying 14 international studies. I know it's easy to just run over to your local pharmacist, but it's even easier to pick up a nice tomato or even some tomato paste. Health is always important so if this means something to you, heed the information. Pass it on. Thanks for reading!


Prevent Disease
     Below are some other links detailing the beneficial results of consuming tomatoes.

Blood Pressure Diet

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Natural Blood Pressure Remedies

May 15, 2011

FDA Approves Cloned Meat For Public Consumption Despite Clear Defects In Animals


Nasty, nasty, nasty. Now, I'm not sure about you but immediately before even hearing any evidence or research I was objecting to this. I guess a true scientist would want to look more into the statistics before objecting but... I'm not a "true scientist". I'm an average citizen that thinks this would be disgusting! Anyways, let's get to the facts.
  • "Food from healthy clones of cattle, swine and goats is as safe as food from non-cloned animals." - FDA. They also go on to say:
  • "Extensive evaluation of the available data has not identified any subtle hazards that might indicate food-consumption risks in healthy clones of cattle, swine, or goats" in their 968 page 'final risk assessment'. 
  • "Thus, edible products from healthy clones that meet existing requirements for meat and milk in commerce pose no increased food consumption risk(s) relative to comparable products from sexually-derived animals."
Based on that information, there should be no worries right? Try again. With their own words,  the FDA has contradicted themselves.

  • "But the FDA said it needs more information to determine the safety of meat and milk from cloned sheep. The FDA also concluded that food from newborn cattle clones "may pose some very limited human food consumption risk." 
So they previously stated that their 'extensive evaluation of available data' didn't find any hazards whatsoever, then a bit later on they tell you, "Oh hey! Never mind. Here it is. There's something wrong with the sheep and the newborn cattle."  The FDA who is advocating cloned meat isn't going to say: HEY YOU! We're selling some messed up meat for our personal benefit! That's merely two sentences though. Let's look at even more evidence.

   Though I'm angry stuff like this doesn't make it into the news - don't worry. You and I aren't the only ones who know. The FDA has received an estimated 30,500 complaints about the matter as of January, 2008. About half of those have been about something sure to enrage you - the lack of labeling. If and when this cloned meat hits American markets, the FDA says that it will NOT,  yes you read that right, NOT require cloned products to be labeled separately from from authentic ones. I don't know about you but I cherish the right to know what's in my food. That's something I would fight for. Dr. Stephen Sundlof, director of the agency's Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, says "there's really nothing for us to label." I'll allow that one to sink in.

April 17, 2011

Guatemalans Sue US Over Illegal Human Experimentation!

  This is beautiful. Justice for the people. As the US was exposed for their illegal human experimentation (see my post on it here) Guatemalans didn't just sit their and say 'ok, thanks for telling us'! They, according to this article, 'are suing federal health officials to compensate them for health problems they have suffered.' Honestly though, when this was all exposed Obama and whoever else was in the know and had the authority to compensate them should have at the first chance. Not because it fixes anything at all, but because they owe it to them. People get payed at least to be human guinea pigs. Before you go telling me that the US is over $14 trillion dollars in debt, I don't want to hear that AT ALL. They waste money how and when they want to on stupid things when it benefits them or when they are too lazy to change programs. Half a million just to fly over the superbowl stadium when even the people inside couldn't look up and see it? $1 million annually to store a failed satellite? And those, unfortunately, are the low cost ones. The link that talks about the satellite shows some of the waste that goes into the billions. So whether or not we  can afford to compensate the Guatemalan people for the injustices that we did to them isn't a question on the table. I'm glad that they're not sitting back and waiting for handouts, if we want anything from this government nowadays we have to TAKE IT! Just for the record, this article blows the cover off anyone with the mentality that the US government voluntarily admitted to their wrongdoing. A medical historian, aka a heroic whistle blower brought us to where we are now. Dear unnamed madam or sir, you have made a change in the world.

Yahoo! Article detailing lawsuit

 Another Yahoo! article talking about other shameful incidents similar to this that got no publicity.

April 14, 2011

NBA All Star Kobe Bryant Fined for Anti-Gay Slurs?

  This isn't in line with my usual posts, but I thought it was interesting because this will tackle a social problem as compared to usually a political and subliminally moral one. I do believe that gays, just as other human beings on earth, should be given the human respect any and everyone deserves. Meaning not being specifically targeted. You and I may not be gay but I do know I wouldn't want to be targeted because of my race, gender, religion or other personal factor. Going along with that logic, here is our story.
         Allegedly, Kobe Bryant made some offensive slurs about gays during a basketball game. I personally know sports can get 'heated' and people may say things they don't mean, but at the end of the day the words can't be retracted. So the coach who called Kobe out for his words would be doing what he believes is right and sticking up for the gay and lesbian communities. The only thing in the midst of all this that bothers me is the fine. What does the $100,000 do? Is it supposed to make the offended gays feel better? Teach Kobe a lesson? What does the money do? In my opinion, nothing.

          If someone called you a 'cracker', 'nigger', 'beaner' or some other offensive racial slur because of your race, how would you feel? Now you demand that they pay you money. Even if they pay, it personally wouldn't fulfill me. It doesn't change the words or my feelings. As a matter of fact, I take that back. It would insult me even more that they think that their money can compensate for their actions. If the person that said the offensive remarks had been just another person on the street, would that same referee have gone to the trouble of filing a lawsuit over the matter? Would he have even made a quarrel about it to the person? I doubt it. So to me, the monetary discipline is meaningless. Will the NBA donate the money to gay/lesbian equality or charitable causes? If not, then the money is a totally separate and unrelated issue than the offense at hand.

      If the man was a truly concerned person for potentially offended gays, he should have told Kobe to make a public apology for the incident, which he did willingly. The money holds no meaning. So the real question for me personally is, why the fine? Just to prove to people that they did something, or is it supposed to be a lesson? Think about it for yourself. Here's the articlle from CNN.

April 2, 2011

Police VS The Evil 70 Year Old Grandma Who Won't Water Her Garden


    This is your typical atypical blog report... and I know that was contradictory. The police abuse is typical, though it shouldn't be. The reason the police even took an initiative to arrest this woman is definitely atypical. Then there's the fact that she's a 70 year old.

   So picture this. Your 70 year old grandma in Utah has problems with her grass. Between fighting the system to be sure she's eligible for her medicare, taking care of grandpa and still getting out and staying healthy, she just can't get it right. Just possible theories. Regardless, her garden just isn't up to par with everyone else's in the neighborhood. Whether neighbors or the home owners association, someone decides that her garden is in violation of local regulations. So the took it upon themselves to enlighten her that she needs to water her garden. They end up asking her her name which she is not legally obliged to provide as far as I know since she did not violate any laws. When she denies to give them her name and she says she 'tried to go inside to call her son to fix the dispute' and that's when the officer replied "What are you doing?" and hit her in the face with his handcuffs. The police claim she fell.
   This is one of those moments where you just have to put your little thinking cap on. What motive does a 70 year old woman have to lie about her local police? No one has any suggestions? I didn't think so. The police officer knows unjust force and abuse can alert locals and cost him his job (if people even cared). He has a reason to lie and this is typical cover-up. What a coincidence she randomly falls out of nowhere and cuts her nose open so that she was to go to the hospital. LIES. Just another example of the police doing what they want in terms of power and force and covering it up under the excuse of 'necessary force needed for work'. In my opinion, the problem is people can get arrested for fighting under a slew of ambiguous charges, but when the police do it their tracks are covered. They claim the policeman was suspended. I can guarantee you that it was with paid leave. I don't know about you, but it sounds more like a reward than a punishment to me. Get paid to sit home and chill? Most people wish for things like that.

   We have to keep watching these police and know what they are capable of. Inexcusable and unnecessary abuse (not that abuse is ever necessary). She was immediately released from jail according to them because they realized she didn't need to be arrested solely so that they could learn her name. I'm glad someone in that system has a conscience and let her go. Along with the broken bridge of her nose where the officer hit her, she suffered bruises from the handcuffs which were too tight. So, to 70 year old Betty Perry who was abused and assaulted by the grueling police system, I'm sorry. And anyone else for that matter. Those injured, abused and even murdered. We don't even have to go there.


BBC News Story News Story

Abu Ghraib torture...

  Let me just say this is the worst research I've ever done. Worst in terms of heartbreaking, disgusting, grotesque and just inhumane activities. For that reason, this post will NOT  have some of the gross torture pictures from the Abu Ghraib torture prison in Iraq. For those unaware ( as I was less than even a day ago ) Abu Ghraib is a prison in Iraq, also known as the Baghdad Correctional Facility. As wikipedia words it, "Beginning in 2004, accounts of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, including torture, rape, sodomy, and homicide of prisoners held in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq (also known as Baghdad Correctional Facility) came to public attention. These acts were committed by military police personnel of the United States Army together with additional US governmental agencies." The images will make you grovel. I do not want to post any of them on this blog myself because it brings tears to my eyes to think of something of this magnitude happening to ANYONE. These are the people the government forces us to pay for. We provide their paychecks for them to go out and do THIS. Disgusting.

   US Soldier Lynndie England drags a man across the floor by his neck from a leash.

   I can't even stand to sit here and type anything more on the subject. I just beg that you CLICK THIS LINK! They say history repeats itself and if that is so then all we can do to prevent it is to become educated on the things in our past, watch the present and prevent a horrible future. Some of these soldiers were sentenced to less than 10 years in jail. As far as I'm concerned, they should have 20 overlapping charges of  LIFE charges. I just hope everyone is paying attention to how the system bends the laws in favor of itself. If you saw this on the news and it was a random person, rest assured they would have life charges with no bond. But these CRIMINALS which our tax dollars pay for, get off easy. SICKENING. Can anyone tell me why we're even in Iraq? Oh, false flag attack? Oil? Greedy tycoons? Makes sense. Remember not to blame only the soldiers though. Place an equal amount of blame on what is seeming to be the TYPICAL behavior of soldiers. Those in the higher ranks did nothing to stop this behavior and even encouraged it. I believe that this is my 3rd post on military actions similar to this, but this one is definitely the worst one and on a larger scale. Horrid, horrid behavior. 

(CNN) Ex-victim of Abu Ghraib Abuse Speaks out

(CBS) Abu Ghraib Abuse Whistleblower Speaks Out 

(Time Magazine) In Depth Article, also details scanty medical provisions.

(CNN) Iraqi officials now say that the Abu Ghraib prison is humane.

 For two reasons, I want to laugh at the above title. First... a humane prison. Hahaha. Secondly, we're supposedly in Iraq fighting these 'extremist' out-of-control crazy Iraqis right? And they're handling things better than we are. As soon as the Iraq government regained control of their prison, they set things back in order. We couldn't. Whoever is in the highest authority on Iraq involvement should have stopped ALL of this, but they were too busy taking pictures of the victims themselves. The saddest part is that they weren't even fired or removed from service. They were demoted. Keep your eyes open.


April 1, 2011

Obama - Birthers Find 'Solid' Proof Of Birthplace Lies?

   In case you're unaware ( which I doubt anyone at this point could be ), there is a movement or belief that Obama was not born in Hawaii and was in fact born somewhere outside of the United States such as Kenya or Indonesia. The people who believe this are called 'birthers'. I have researched it probably once or twice but my interest level was low so I didn't come to a personal conclusion nor did I care much. In my opinion, who cares where he was born. In my opinion, the important things are what this person is doing. Now, granted, if someone believes that he doesn't have our country's best interest at heart ( what president does, anyway? ) then of course they would bring that up. I personally care more about what the president is actually doing. Let's just say, speaking hypothetically, that Obama is the best president ever, but he really wasn't born in the United States. If he was to be impeached, we could put someone into office who was born here and still is incapable of doing a better job.

      Though this is how I personally feel, it is in the Constitution of which the president swore to hold true to. So if he lied about something such as that which is the basis of America and what we all stand for, it could most definitely cause some people to lose trust in him. I am only against the people who know nothing whatsoever about Obama or his policies and actions, and want him impeached solely on their belief of his birth place. Anything past that and it's your opinion which you're entitled to. So now, let's talk about the article.

      Gregory Hollister impersonated Obama and received some personal information. It's scary to think that he called and gave the wrong address, and other false information for the president of the United States and no one noticed... unless he had an inside helper. Either way he ended up with Obama's social security number. Now, according to Hollister, there are two problems with Obama's social. Number one, the Social Security Association website says that that number was NEVER ISSUED.  Even if people want to ignore that fact, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. It wasn't registered or whatever other excuse you can conjure up. The number, according to Hollister, begins with 042 which would be for someone who lived in Connecticut, and not Hawaii as Obama claims to have been born.

      Like I said It's not that big a deal to me BUT if the president did wrong, he should admit to it. It would be scary to know that the president has started his whole presidency as a lie. You have to research it for yourself and come to your own conclusions. As far as I know both parents have to be U.S. citizens at the time of birth for you to be eligible to be president. You can fact check me. It is said that his father was born in Kenya, making him ineligible. Do your homework.


This link talks about his father's birthplace.

Urban Legends Discussion w/ info

Blogspot proof?

Hollister and info

Tell me this pic isn't funny...

New York Lawmakers Reach Common Ground For Budget

   Usually I wouldn't post something like this, but since as I have recently posted the book below on Taxes, debts & deficits it would be pessimistic of me to complain of the bad and not talk about the good. These lawmakers have attempted to cut down spending in New York by cutting off certain aspects of health care... and here comes the bomb shell: schools.

March 29, 2011

Freedom of Speech? Not so much...

    I can't say the first thing that popped into my mind about this article ( the Constitution composed by our founding fathers ) because this is in ( Communist ) China. Ran Yunfei was arrested by Chinese police for going against the ruling communist party in blog posts. 46 year old Ran was detained for over a month with no charge. After over a month they finally came up with the charge of inciting subversion of state power. Wang Yi, a former legal scholar said: "Basically, it's the crime of expressing your opinions".

More than 100 activists, many of them active on Twitter and blogging sites, have been detained, subjected to monitoring and intimidation by the security forces or have gone missing since late February, particularly after the online calls for "Jasmine" gatherings, according to Amnesty International.

"The government on the one hand prevents freedom of the press and disallows the free flow of information, and on the other hand ... conceals the truth," Ran wrote on his Twitter account on Feb 14. "It's no wonder that rumors are prevalent under these circumstances." Highly unfortunate that the Chinese government would punish its own for exercising (what I believe to be) inalienable human rights. Not American rights, human rights.
Here is the link to the story.

Building 7 Awareness Campaign Under Way??

   9-11 is a topic I've failed to cover on this blog as of yet because I don't want to put up any half-assed information, seem partisan towards any side and because I personally want to be 100% confident in my belief of what happened if I plan to publicize it. But this campaign comes from nonpartisan (or bipartisan depending on your view ) people who only want the truth about 9-11, especially building 7.

   Their website is at Http://RememberBuilding7.Org. The website reveals lots of crucial facts, sponsors and even proposes ideas as to what we all can do to pitch in. They have raised $75,000 so far and need an additional $25,000 in all. The ad will reach millions of people and hopefully bring us closer to a new investigation and justice for those thousands of people that died on that tragic day. On the website you can donate towards the cause and spread the website and ad towards your friends. Here is the ad:

In case you missed it above, here is the link to the website.

March 28, 2011

Soldier admits psychopathic violent rampage?!

    As soon as I read this story and began to blog about it, it immediately reminded of the very first blog post I ever did which was on the same exact subject. In today's society our hired hitmen (soldiers) are held with great prestige for their job, but I bet all of those people who uphold that image of our enlisted hitmen would hang their heads in shame. The picture above should make you nauseous. That is army specialist Jeremy Morlock smiling above an innocent 15 year old Afghan farmer. They chose him randomly to murder because 'the timing was right', according to the version of the story.. Allegedly, he kept the severed finger(s) of this innocent victim as some sort of a trophy. Just keep in mind they don't shouldn't murder innocent civilians. Disgusting.

March 26, 2011

Fall of the U.S. Dollar?

  So I was browsing for news on the alternative news website and I came upon a story talking about a censored political ad which was narrated by Alex Jones. You should be concerned not only that every mainstream news source rejected the ad but also about the video behind it. I didn't watch the whole thing, (gave up after 45 minutes, really needs a pause button!) but I think people should at least try to watch a portion of it because the statistics given in the video are crucial.

       Some of the things he talked about in the video talked about our standard of living, taxes, our national deficit and debt, medicare, social security and so on. This goes hand in hand with one of my latest blog entries on the book which entails this problem in great detail: Where Does the Money Go? (Your Guide to the Federal Budget Crisis) by Scott Brittle and Jean Johnson. Full of facts and they are totally fair with the views that they present. I recommend this book 50000000000% . You can search for this book at your local bookstore/library or you can support the two young authors by buying the book online at Amazon.

       In the video below, Alex Jones tells you about which stations have declined to air his ad and puts the ad into the video for you to see.


Here is the link to the story directly on his website with the embedded video as he broadcasts it.

 From the above link you can click on the link on that story where it says '' . 

Otherwise, here is the direct link to the video that I watched.

Watch the video and think about your future. Think about your family. Your neighbors. Sitting back and doing nothing and letting the people who can't even handle THEIR OWN MONEY handle yours? Not a good decision.

  Here is another video from Fox News ( I know, I know ) but please before you down it, I know Fox News is... horrible. BUT what Glenn Beck and the other person are discussing is very logical. Even I could come to that conclusion. And they did something few people would have even contemplated within their own minds... linked the depreciation of the U.S. dollar to the New World Order. Conspiracy? Don't brand it off without some thought...

   Now, I want you to look at this chart depicting the fall of the US dollar.    

Now, look at these charts depicting the rise of gas prices in recent years.

Commodities up, dollar down. Sound familiar? Ring any alarms in your head? It should. Piece it all together. History repeats itself, but I wouldn't trust anything left to the hands of the elite. Don't underestimate what you can personally do. If one person stands up another may and there we have a rally. Me blogging about this and you reading it isn't making a change. Us getting together and protesting publicly? That's making a change. Never forget that.


Here is a link to another website discussing the US dollar's conflicts.

March 18, 2011

US Programmed Propaganda?

    Ahhhh, this link sent a chill through my spine; though simultaneously gave me a bit of reassurance about some of my suspicions. So constantly on the internet no matter which website or what forum, you will see people argue about politics. And of course with such an opinionated subject people will always disagree and go their separate ways, but there always seems to me to be that ONE person who is ALWAYS there shooting down opposing opinions with no compromise to factual statements at all. Maybe I'm crazy and it's all in my head... or maybe this link will say otherwise.

March 9, 2011

Book Review: Where Does The Money Go?

      I want to start off by saying that I thought this would be a great idea to promote books on this site. Many people advocate education and reading books but become quiet when asked to recommend a favorite book or a good read. Whether that's because they don't read much or simply don't recall anything because they're not used to spreading that information, I believe that shouldn't be the case. So with that being said, I thought putting reviews of books that follow my interests on this website would be a great idea.

   This isn't down my usual alley of political interests... I usually favor the conspiracies and factual stuff such as 9-11 where you place the pieces together and decipher the truth from the propaganda. But I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who even slightly cares about taxes, medicare or social security. You should. It's like "Federal Spending 101 for Dummies". Makes perfect sense of things with lots of statistics and references. As of 2007, the U.S. was $9 trillion dollars in debt. Yes, trillion. Please support the two artists of the book: Scott Brittle & Jean Johnson. Throughout the book they remained an unbiased perspective and talked about the numerous problems and solutions to this and why politicians are so reluctant to speak out about it. Pick up this book today for the sake of our tomorrow!

You can recommend it to your local library, try to purchase it at Borders/Barnes & Nobles or purchase it online at Amazon. Another idea that saves both your wallet and the planet, is to buy it on Thrift Books. This is a website where people sell used books, which benefits everyone in my opinion. Instead of a publisher creating more books and wasting more paper, ink and then shipping it to the store, you buy it from someone & get it at a pretty decent price. Needless to say you can use this site for any book(s) you want. Here is a direct link to that book on Thrift Books. If the link is broken, that means all copies have been sold out ! :)

January 22, 2011

Illegal Human Experimentation?

Decades later, a deadly human experimentation case has been revealed to the public. Our U.S. government has confessed to injecting about 700 unsuspecting Guatemalans with STD's including syphilis from 1946-1948. The victims included prison inmates, prostitutes, mental patients and soldiers. The Nation Institute of Health, who you would hope and assume would be opposed and appalled at an operation such as this participated in distributing and funding the project. American tax dollars were used in the process. According to the New York Times, the reason it ended when it did was because of rumors spreading about the project which should have been kept in secrecy. But before condemning the American government for their detrimental and unethical deed(s), we should also consider that the Guatemalan government consented the deadly actions taken against their own people. Does this make you feel more secure about your government that after 6+ decades they felt the need to reveal the truth and apologize? Or do you feel less safe knowing that this was covered up for over 60 years with no one caring enough to bring the truth to the light? Personally it makes my skin crawl to think that these people control our food markets, the vaccinations we take and our pharmaceutical market only for starters. They say history repeats itself, so take notes people.

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Video on the subject: