December 5, 2010

Manslaughter: Only Nine Months of Jail Time!

So today I stumbled across an article that really bothered me. If you were to turn on your TV right now and on the news heard "man goes on killing rampage for no apparent reason, kills innocent bystanders" hopefully it would make your heart drop and stick in your mind for some time. You would hope this evil person would get life in jail, no bond, etc. That's the "Justice" you get in America right? Well picture this. You live in Afghanistan. Grow up there, live the life and have done no wrong. The next thing you know your country is in a war with America. It's one thing to have a war and it's another to have an all-out killing spree. And that's exactly what at least 5 U.S. Soldiers have been accused of. Whether or not you know anything about Afghanistan or the war occurring there is irrelevant to passing judgment over the horrific incident that has finally come to light. Thought it won't be the first time this has happened in a war, if we accept this incident with a content look on our faces and say "that's normal" we are accepting corruption and tyranny. Imagine that these 5 people killed innocent Afghanistan people for 'fun', including MUTILATING BODY PARTS AND KEEPING THEM AS TROPHIES. You would expect something such as this would blow up in the media, the soldiers involved would be immediately revoked, reprimanded and denounced and sentenced to life in jail. Nope. 9 months in jail. The benefits of being affiliated with the government? Getting away with whatever you want from fondling passengers with the TSA pat downs or killing loads of innocent people, and mutilating their bodies. Keep your eyes open people. The truth is never on the forefront.

Here is the link to the official story.