November 20, 2010

TSA Scanners and Pat-down Opposition

Neither alternatives make me personally happy with the situation... what they say is either you are sexually assaulted or you go through the detrimental privacy-invading porno scanners. Think about all that can possibly happen here. Unknowing pregnant women consent to these scanners and emit x-ray waves to their children, children go through, people with pre-existing conditions that should be far from radiation... the idea was horrible from the start. People with pacemakers, cancer, metal plates in their knees or mouths that help them, etc. It makes me want to take the bus everywhere I go. At least they check properly as they should, without interfering with your personal space. Radiation from cell phones, now in airports via the new 'security' machines, at the dentist... fluoride in the water and in your toothpastepoisonous coal waste in your food... coincidence huh?

What we as a people need to consider now is, is compromising innocent people and their privacy worth the trouble to 'save' us from terrorists?
It's gone from you won't be searched without suspicion to the searches are done at random! This can easily become discrimination and a vast majority of the people who had the 'enhanced pat downs' described it as sexual assault. It also seems a bit disturbing to me that this is all done in a private room. Why the need for isolation? At what point will people say 'THIS IS TOO FAR!'? When a cancer patient is required to remove and display her prosthetic breast? Or maybe when a three year old is searched to the point of tears. President Obama (who is exempt to these intrusive searches) has stated he is an advocate for their procedures. Terrorism wins the day we hurt ourselves more than they do. If you don't see a problem with this then you're as sick and corrupt as 'they' are.

There comes a time where you have to say, no I will not allow this to happen just because someone in authority consents it. People grow up telling their kids not to let ANYONE touch them in their 'private areas' and now TSA officers can? How about the rape survivors re-living the terror all over again? The TSA has said that they will have same-sex employees to do the sexual assaults (as if that changes anything) but they have been unable to contend even that in their actions according to the prior link. The great news about all this? Your pilots won't have to be subjected to the patdowns! Talk about biased... all the chaos going on throughout this, I'm just glad that the mainstream media is FINALLY covering something worthwhile. For how long will it last? Don't count on it...

Been reading some articles on the matter. Educate yourself!

CNN is pretty mainstream news, and even they're reporting outrage and opposition to the new scanners.

This article features some secondary sources which alludes to the idea that the TSA may have lied to their workers that the new machines even emit x-rays? Pretty shady, but you're going to have to decide for yourself.

It's always helpful to have a historical parallel, how about this?

How does it look that people WITHIN the system disagree with the scanners? We're not alone...

Lawmakers in New Jersey apparently aren't too pleased with the proposal either.

The sources can become continuous, but that's not the point here. The point is that for a change people are uniting against a main cause, a mutual problem and that's something positive.


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