November 20, 2010

TSA Scanners and Pat-down Opposition

Neither alternatives make me personally happy with the situation... what they say is either you are sexually assaulted or you go through the detrimental privacy-invading porno scanners. Think about all that can possibly happen here. Unknowing pregnant women consent to these scanners and emit x-ray waves to their children, children go through, people with pre-existing conditions that should be far from radiation... the idea was horrible from the start. People with pacemakers, cancer, metal plates in their knees or mouths that help them, etc. It makes me want to take the bus everywhere I go. At least they check properly as they should, without interfering with your personal space. Radiation from cell phones, now in airports via the new 'security' machines, at the dentist... fluoride in the water and in your toothpastepoisonous coal waste in your food... coincidence huh?

What we as a people need to consider now is, is compromising innocent people and their privacy worth the trouble to 'save' us from terrorists?