February 12, 2012

Gay Rights: The Simplest Problem Of Our Era

   Let me say that I resent speaking about gay rights at any moment in time unless in the presence of those who oppose them, because it seems to me that this is the most basic problem of our era. We have what we can perceive to be much more complicated problems such as whether or not to intervene overseas (see Syria & Libya for example), how to handle our economy, etc. but gay rights hold no such complications. It amazes me the level of hypocrisy that we, as the United States of America can stoop to. Does the pledge not end "with liberty & justice for all"? I was unaware that we were supposed to tack "except gays" onto the end of that. A common saying is that if you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married! I'm not saying people have to agree with or even understand gay marriage (though one might not see what's to be misunderstood). I'm saying why actively fight against people who are doing nothing to harm you nor society? They're merely asking for the equality that America so fervently claims to provide.

February 11, 2012

Child Suicide Bombers - Saved By Allah?


  A(nother) story has emerged on the methods that are used to con little children into becoming suicide bombers and no surprise, it's religious. Another big surprise: the children are unaware that they're about to commit suicide. According to the article, the children are told that the bombs will only kill Americans and that Allah will come and separate them from the explosion, safely returning them to the men who strapped the bombs onto their chest. In case you're unaware, Allah is the god of Islam.

                              (Above is the symbol for Islam).

January 30, 2012

Book Review: Brave New World

  I'm usually not one for fictional books because they always seem so elementary to me, especially when juxtaposed with the plethora of riveting nonfiction books available in this day and age generally anywhere. That's not to say they don't have their place, but I'm not a fan of them. I'd much rather have a nonfiction book with information that is new (to me, anyways). With that being said, I picked this book up with the knowledge that it was an allegorical & classic novel; it's subtle message hinting at society, science and life at large (or whatever you interpret it to be). Moreover, it seems to be a common name for those interested in society & history. I gave in somewhat reluctantly and somewhat curiously, and read Mr Huxley's novel.

January 29, 2012

How We Are Imprisoned Today (A Poem)


  The following is a poem written Mike Adams of NaturalNews, entitled "To Imprison Us All."

"To imprison our memories, they gave us revisionist history.

To imprison our present-day minds, they made us drink fluoride.

To imprison our biology, they gave us prescription medications.

To imprison our ideas, they created intellectual property laws.

To imprison our legal identities, they created social security numbers.

To imprison our children, they gave us vaccines.

To imprison our mental health, they gave us psychiatry.

To imprison our agriculture, they created genetically modified seeds.

To imprison our soils, they created chemical pesticides.

To imprison our sense of self worth, they created fashion and cosmetics.

To imprison our speech, they created SOPA.

To imprison our persons and effects, they created the TSA.

To imprison our protests, they created the NDAA.

To imprison our productivity, they created the IRS.

To imprison our money supply, they created the Federal Reserve.

To imprison our financial future, they created endless debt.

To imprison our consumption habits, they created television advertising.

To imprison our perspective, they created television news.

To imprison our medical professionals, they created medical schools.

To imprison scientific truth, they created science journals.

To imprison our teenage boys, they created violent video games.

To imprison our teenage girls, they created Gardasil.

To imprison our online interactions, they created search engine profiling and tracking technology.

To imprison our sex, they created sexual dysfunction diseases.

To imprison our foods and farms, they created the Health Department.

And then,

To secure the prisons against resistance, they passed gun restriction laws.

To quell dissent, they taught the masses to be dehumanized and dumbed-down.

To solidy their arrogance over the masses, they erected a scientific dictatorship.

To ensure blind obedience, they positioned government as savior.


While the prisons were numerous and carefully constructed,

No matter how hard they tried,

They could not imprison our souls.

And once we recognized the prisons,

And identified those responsible for building them,

We rose up against them,

Setting free our minds,

Our bodies

Our children

Our productivity

Our liberties

And our futures.

We are Americans. To imprison us all...

Is inconceivable."

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December 27, 2011

TSA & The Terrorist Cupcakes !

      I'd like to start this post off with an apology for my slanderous claims about the TSA in my first ever blog post. I was totally wrong about them, & they've proved themselves to be quite an agency for the American people. Time and time again the TSA have showed us their fairness and equality when it comes to procedures.. not to mention freedom of choice !

A wonderful TSA agent providing the freedom of choice (between the selected two choices). What more can you ask?

December 22, 2011

"Added Freshness" Is Truly Synonymous With "Reduced Health"


        Food. I've been avoiding the one big post I truly need to do on food for quite some time now, considering I have so much to say and I'm not one to skimp on resources or information to back my claims up. Though I've been hinting at food issues with some of my posts, (including a self-sustainable town in Britain growing their own organic produce, a public school growing their own organic produce, the FDA approving cloned meat, & one on tomatoes/blood pressure) there's always room for more !
      This article concerns labels sporting the statement "for added freshness". If you don't already know what that means or where this is headed, just try to imagine what that could possibly mean. What do you add to a product that makes it 'more fresh'? If your bananas go bad, what do you put on them to reverse their rotting ? Unless I'm missing something here, the answer is nothing. So whatever is added into foods for 'added freshness' would be some unnatural chemical by my guess.. and such it is. Many of these chemicals are so unheard of to us, they are practically foreign in nature.

December 20, 2011

British Town Grows It's Own Fruits and Vegetables

    Strikingly similar to my last post on a school that grew their own organic food, the title tells you what it's all about. Before I continue, let me just say for a moment why in my opinion it is important to stay healthy and to buy locally/grow your own food and so on.

     I personally feel as though politics relates to all areas of life, because it deals with people and all of those involved. It deals with religion because we have the two separate institutions of church & state. It deals with science because we have (often state-endorsed) vaccines which we know to be harmful. When it comes to food, we realize that due to either extreme stupidity and neglect or conspiracy against the people, we are, especially Americans, being fed complete crap. No thanks to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) who has done more harm than help in the direction of ensuring the safety of our food. We have to be our own personal FDA.